09/09/2016: Please do not submit any new orders at this time! 1source2buy has suffered a few crippling blows. We have been the victim of a major theft. A dishonest employee at one of our vendors used our checking account info to empty out all the funds in our entire operating account down to NEGATIVE $22,000. We are currently unable to send out any orders that we don't physically have in our hands, because we don't have access to any funds at all. We are attempting to recover the stolen funds so that we can get back to fulfilling orders, but at this time we cant send most orders out. If you can't wait for us to get things straightened out here, you may want to email us and have us cancel your order(no phone call cancellations) and contact your credit card company for a refund. Hopefully this major set-back doesn't put us out of business. To make things even worse we also suffered a very large scale fraudulent order from Canada of around $80,000. That coupled with the theft has hurt us tremendously. We will try to recover as fast as possible and hopefully this can all be overcome, but at the moment it looks very discouraging. If you decide to stick with us through this trauma we thank you very much and we will do everything we can to get your current order to you as quickly as we are able to. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope we can remain in business longer than the 18 years that we have been serving our customers.

09/15/2016: The previous owners thank you for your continued support for the past 18 years. Due to the unfortunate recent theft and fraud that happened, we are closed to new sales until further notice. If we re-open, we will be re-opening under new ownership and a totally new management and sales team. Business sale is under negotiation at this time.

On a side note: If you have an outstanding order with 1source2buy that has not been fulfilled yet and you haven't cancelled the order, or initaited a credit card chargeback, we will still be fulfilling your order just as fast as possible. If you wish to cancel your order, we totally understand and will honor your wishes.

Email: onesource2buy@aol.com